Teachings of Israel

The teachings of the Land of Israel  are inexorably connected with the Jewish People and its Land. These native teachings imprinted by the Land of Israel are at the core of our Jewish Consciousnesses and are crucial instruments in raising our self awareness as a People and strengthening our ties with our Holy Land.

The teachings of the Land of Israel are a  source of a wealth of Jewish Wisdom and Ideas. As Jewish history progresses toward our ultimate redemption, opening up the hitherto  closed doors of the teachings of the Land of Israel is a very crucial project.

We are researching the halakha, hashkafa and character of the teachings of  the Land of Israel and are bringing to light their rich and unique substance, ultimately giving them a prominence of their own.

We are poised at making a mark on our People by producing and disseminating materials targeting all kinds of audiences, enriching and inspiring them in away appreciable by each one in their own way.  From the broader audience to the Israeli legal system, the teachings of the Land of Israel have yet to make their contribution!


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